Konjunto ( con·jun·to ) is a word borrowed from Portuguese (with a small spelling alteration)

'Conjunto' is a word all about connecting, grouping and joining together. In maths, a conjunto, or set, is the mathematical model for a collection of different things; a set containing elements or members, which can be objects of any kind: numbers, symbols, points in space, lines, other geometrical shapes, variables, or even another set.

And so, Konjunto gives the name to the work developed and created by partners, David and Esther in their studio in Porto, Portugal.

Knowledge, creativity and sustainability are central to their joint creative practice, which explores the intricate relationships between art, design, environment, industry and craft. Their individual training and professional experiences, bring two unconnected worlds together in a unique combination of expertise.

David graduated in Fine Art (B.A. Cardiff 1997) where his interest in using nets in his artwork first surfaced. Since then the use of net and netting has become a recurring feature in his work. Also fascinated by pattern, his further studies at the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London (M.A. 2004) introduced him to Islamic Art and to the hand drawn construction of complex geometric patterns. During his time there, he ran several geometry workshops in Nigeria, the Middle East and the V&A Museum, London. David constructs the individual patterns used for each of the modular pieces using only a pair of compasses and straight line, You can discover more about the construction of each pattern, Axis, Nexus and Orbis.

Esther, grew up in the third generation of a menswear tailoring family, spending many a Saturday in her fathers' alterations workroom surrounded by scraps of material. Fascinated by these small scraps of colour and texture she would happily occupy her time by transforming them into whatever came to mind. After graduating in History of Art (B.A. 1998) she later trained in Shoemaking in Northamptonshire UK, which initiated an affinity for working with leather and her career working around the globe in the footwear industry. 20 years later, having first-hand experience of working with some of the finest hand-made bespoke shoes and boots to the mass manufacturing of sneakers and athletic shoes, and amidst the backdrop of accelerating concern of the socio and environmental impact of unceasing manufacturing cycles, sparked an an urgent interest in finding a meaningful creative outlet and a functional use for surplus leather. You can find out how Konjunto is creating their work more sustainably here.

With an deep knowledge and appreciation of their raw materials, and an eye for balancing different elements, David and Esther delve deep into an often unpredictable selection of leather with various finishes, irregularities, weights and colours. Transforming these leftovers and excess stock into distinctive and varied art/design pieces. Pieces whose aesthetic is not strictly pre-determined, whose story is one of construction, adaptation and renewal. Finished works defined by the forms and finishes of all their parts: contrasting shades, different textures and patterns, all created in the in-house studio, designed to inspire the senses and enhance our daily lives.

Konjunto invite you to join us on a journey that honors the past and shapes a more sustainable and interconnected future.

Custom projects and bespoke commissions are welcome, please email us at connect@konjunto.com for more details.

You can browse our available work here.

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