the konjunto ethos

Short supply chains and local sources.

By re-purposing and revitalizing discarded leather which is not used in production from the footwear and accessories industry, sourced locally from Porto and the surrounding areas, we have a ready supply of raw material to work with, keeping it out of landfill or incineration and at the same time supporting the local economy and keeping the carbon foot print low. You can find out more about why we believe using leather like this is a more sustainable option here.

Small scale production.

Fundamentally more sustainable that mass-manufacturing, each piece by Konjunto is an investment of thought and time; every individual finished piece is designed with the materials we have available and constructed by hand, piece by piece.

Modularity: Create. Adapt. Repeat.

Designed for assembly and disassembly, we do not use any glue or thread in our work, each module of our finished work is mutually interchangeable, providing you with a unique and adaptable art experience.

Reducing Waste: Modular pieces allow for updates and changes without discarding the entire artwork, minimising environmental impact.

Versatility: Modular elements provide flexibility, allowing the art to adapt to different spaces and design preferences over time.

Extended Lifespan: The ability to refresh and rearrange modular components ensures that the artwork remains relevant and cherished for years to come.

Shipping to our customers.

As our works are flexible, they can easily be shipped in a roll or folded therefore, saving considerable resources compared to rigid works of art.

Providing a sustainable decorative solution is an inherent consideration to our work and we are committed to incorporating it into every stage of our process.
Konjunto offers a low environmental impact design without compromising on providing a refined yet impactful aesthetic of individual character.